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Click on the file title to begin downloading it, then save it in a temporary location on your system. Once the download is complete, double-click the Setup program icon to install the software.
Note on upgrading: To upgrade older ver. 8.xx to the latest, do not uninstall it. Simply download the newer version below and run downloaded setup file.

Download the latest, HyperSnap™ 8 - for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and higher:
Download the 64-bit version - ver. 8.17.0
For 32-bit Windows systems only:
    Download the 32-bit version - ver. 8.17.0

Foreign language versions of HyperSnap™ 8
    German version 8.17.0 download: 64-bit or 32-bit
    French version 8.12.05 download 32-bit
    Russian version 8.12.05 download 32-bit

Older versions 8.15 of HyperSnap:
(some users prefer these versions on systems that were not yet patched for Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities, very slow otherwise)
English version 8.15 download: 64-bit or 32-bit
    German version 8.15 download: 64-bit or 32-bit

Download the version 7 of HyperSnap™ - use this version on Windows XP, also works on Vista, Win7, Win8:
Download - ver. 7.29.21

Foreign language versions of HyperSnap™ 7
    French version 7.29.21
    German version 7.29.21
    Hungarian version 7.17.00
    Russian version 7.29.21
    Simplified Chinese 简体中文

Old versions for customer with old licenses
    Download ver. 6.91.03 (6 MB)
    Download German ver. 6.91.03 
    Download French ver. 6.91.03
    Polish version 6.91.03
    Hungarian version 6.82.01
    Download ver. 6.13.02 (3.5 MB)
    Download ver. 6.13.02 French
    Download ver. 6.13.02 German
      - 6.13.02 is the last version for which v.5 license keys work
    Download ver. 5.63.03 (3.2 MB)
    Download ver. 4.52.03 (2.5 MB)
    Download ver. 3.64.02 "Pro" (1.1.MB)
    Download ver. 3.64.02 "Basic" (0.5 MB)

Old foreign language versions
    Russian version 6.90.04, translated by Dmitry Yerokhin
      (HprRes6.dll inside RAR file to replace in English setup)
   Czech version 5.62.05
    French version 5.63.03
    German version 5.63.03
    Italian version 5.63.03
    Japanese version 5.60.03 - translated and published by OddieSoft
    Russian version 5.63.00, translated by Dmitry Yerokhin
    Russian version 6.13, translated by Dmitry Yerokhin
      (HprRes6.dll inside RAR file to replace in English setup)
    Slovak version 5.63.03
    Spanish version 5.63.03

Contributed files