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Partner Offers:

Coyaltix Carriages
offers an extensive selection of four wheeled horse carriages, horse carts and sleighs to fit horses, ponies and miniature horses.

Volodymyr is one of the 3 volunteer translators, who translated @Voice app into Ukrainian in May 2020. He also works on other projects that promote high quality Ukrainian speech synthesis - please visit his page on Facebook: https://facebook.com/syntezator

Lingobit Localizer
the software localization tool, which we use to quickly and easily translate our products into other languages. In our opinion - the best. Tested several tools before selecting Lingobit. The only one that could do all we needed, and much more. On top of it - at a fraction of the price of competing products.

Help Producer from MGTEK
the online help authoring system we use, best of all we tried!


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